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Oncology Massage

Oncology massage is the modification of existing massage therapy techniques to support the body through cancer treatment and to work safely and gently given any special concerns.  Blending Eastern and Western massage styles allows for a deeply restorative session that also can work specifically on side effects of treatment. Massage can help you relieve or manage the short and long-term side effects of treatment such as anxiety, pain, insomnia, low blood counts, fatigue, scar tissue, nausea and depression.  Only organic oils/lotions are used.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Maunal Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle yet powerful technique for helping to restore the flow of lymph, decongest areas of swelling and pain, and stimulate the immune system.  It can help treat lymphedema as well as risk for lymphedema due to cancer treatments.


Medical Massage

Arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic neck and back pains, softening scar tissue- these are just some of the conditions that specialized massage can help.  Using Swedish/Deep Tissue/Acupressure and other techniques to restore blood flow, help mobilize joints, and decrease pain.




I love going to see Sarah for a massage.   She is a wonderful person and gifted massage therapist.  Sarah helped me through an incredibly difficult time when I was going through chemotherapy after two surgeries then healing and gaining my strength back.  At times I would crawl out of bed to go see her as I knew I would feel better.  What an incredible gift!  Sarah has also helped me with various pains and recovering from an accident.  I think her hands are magic!  I believe the massages I receive are beneficial for my overall well being. - Leslie V. , client

Acupressure/Reflexology/Eastern Energy Work

Acupressure uses fingers on pressure points to help balance and stimulate the flow of qi, or life force energy, through the meridians of the body.  Reflexology similarly uses pressure on the hands or feet to holistically access the vitality of the body.  Qigong energy work uses the practitioners energy field to guide and direct the energy in the clients' body.  All of these modalities can be integrated into your treatment plan.



$95/ 60min, $130 90min

Cash, check or credit card accepted

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