Medical Qigong

Medical qigong is the therapeutic use of qi to regulate the body’s energy according to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  It involves a practitioner skilled at sensing and relieving qi blockages, emitting external qi and prescribing exercises to specifically counteract the energetic imbalances that have been diagnosed.

Medical qigong is much like acupuncture without needles.  In the same way that acupuncture does not require belief, qigong does not require belief, only an open mind, a willingness to heal and perform the prescription exercises.

Medical qigong provides excellent support for patients undergoing cancer treatment, hypertension, diabetes, stroke, arthritis, and other chronic conditions.  It helps improve circulation, reduce stress and empowers the individual with techniques to support their own immune system.

Medical qigong sessions are 1 hour and consist of a 10-15 min. intake, a 20-30 min qi emission session where the client will sit or lie clothed and comfortable on a massage table to receive treatment, and a 10-15 min. discussion where the client will learn prescription exercises to perform at home.

Like acupuncture, the number of sessions needed may vary based on the condition, but anywhere from 4-8 sessions are appropriate.  Results should start to be experienced within the first several sessions.

$75 / hr.