Qigong for the Spleen and Stomach

November 5, 2013 Comments Off on Qigong for the Spleen and Stomach

Chinese medicine the Spleen and Stomach organs help support digestion, immunity, and resistance to fatigue.  Chemotherapy can often disrupt the proper functioning of these organs, leading to nausea, fatigue, and diminished immune cell production.  The Spleen/Stomach is represented by the Earth element is strengthened by meditation on the yellow or golden color.  The following meditation helps strengthen the Spleen/Stomach and is also good for reducing anxiety.


Sit comfortably in a chair with your spine straight, chin tucked in, feet planted on the floor, tongue resting gently on the upper palate. Place the hands on top of the knees, palms up, in a gesture of receiving.

Relax and imagine that you are sitting high on a majestic mountain cliff.  Towards the left, the sun is slowly rising, reflecting a great luminous light upon the mountain cliff.

Imagine and feel golden yellow rays descending from the Heavens and penetrating your body.  Inhale, and feel the golden yellow rays enter into your Spleen and Stomach, bringing health and healing.

Exhale any stagnant or toxic Qi, along with any feelings of worry. Imagine and feel that the golden yellow rays are being absorbed into the tissues and glowing brighter and stronger within your body after each inhalation.

Practice this meditation for 15 minutes.  End by rooting the Qi back into the Lower Dantian.