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Healing color meditations

June 9, 2014 Comments Off on Healing color meditations

In medical qigong, specific color meditations are prescribed to strengthen the patients tissues and cells.  This is especially important during chemotherapy treatment, as many of the tissues and organs are in an extremely deficient state.

This meditation works with the Kidney energy in the body, which supports the bladder, reproductive organs, bones, and immune system.  The Kidneys relate to the Water element and the colors black and dark midnight blue.

Practice 3x per day, 15 min. each session to strengthen the Kidneys.

1.  Sit in a chair with both feet firmly rooted into the Earth.  Lightly close the anal sphincter, keep the spine straight, and place the tongue on the upper palate.

2. Relax and imagine that you are sitting in front of a calm, deep, dark blue pool of still water.  Towards the left, the moon is slowly rising, reflecting a great luminous light upon the deep dark pool of water.

3.  Imagine and feel a dark blue luminous mist ascending from the deep pool and encircling your body.  Inhale, and feel the dark blue luminous mist enter into your Kidneys, bringing health and healing.

4.  Exhale any toxic, stale Qi.  Imagine and feel that the dark blue luminous mist is being absorbed into the tissues and glowing brighter and stronger within your Kidney’s after each inhalation.

The more you are able to engage all of your senses and emotionally connect to the dark blue healing light, the stronger your qi experience will be.