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Qigong Arts is dedicated to optimizing your vital energy through offering unique and effective methods to address your health concerns and to enhance your overall well-being. Your needs are met with skill, compassion, and creativity. My goal is that you not only feel rejuvenated and balanced, but that you are empowered with ways to incorporate qi-cultivation and wellness techniques into your everyday life.

  • Therapeutic Massage

    Using a combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Acupressure,...

  • Oncology Massage

    Oncology massage benefits those who have a history of can...

  • Medical Qigong

    Medical qigong is the therapeutic use of qi to regulate t...

  • Classes

    In this class, we will learn simple exercises, meditation...

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Massage benefits post-surgical mastectomy patients

October 22, 2014 Comments Off on Massage benefits post-surgical mastectomy patients Share

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Meditation for chemotherapy

The purpose of this meditation is to release toxic qi from the internal organs after they have been affected by chemotherapy.  From Ch...

June 9, 2014 Comments Off on Meditation for chemotherapy
blue-moon blue-moon-over-the-water

Healing color meditations

In medical qigong, specific color meditations are prescribed to strengthen the patients tissues and cells.  This is especially important ...

June 9, 2014 Comments Off on Healing color meditations